BIRETIX– The clinically proven and advanced range for spot prone skin.

BiRetix Micropeel – £24

Used 1 to 2 times a week, this clarifying and exfoliating cleanser contains a combination of willow bark extract and physical botanical exfoliants to help clear your pores and stimulate cell renewal.  Leaving your skin feeling soft, soothed and refreshed.

BiRetix Cleanser – £20

A gentle daily cleansing gel with natural moisturisers and anti0-redness ingredients tha leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh.

BiRetix Duo – £27.60

Using RetinSphere Technology to clear your pores and clarify your skin, BiRetix Duo also helps fight the bacteria that can lead to spots while salicylic acid helps purify your skin and reduce redness.

BiRetix Mask – £24

A soothing clay mask rich in minerals, anti-oxidants and containg clinically proven RetinSphere Technology to further clarify skin, control sebum and reduce shine. Ideal for use once per week.

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HELIOCARE – Essential UV and anti-oxidant skin protection for use by everyone, every day.

Heliocare 360 capsules – £34.99

Defend your skin against free radical damage that can age your skin beyond its years.  Simply take one capsule in the morning in addition to the application of your favourite Heliocare 360 cream, particularly during times of high exposure to the sun or prolonged periods of time spent outside.

Heliocare 360 fluid cream – £31

A light cream with an advanced moisturising complex that leaves the skin feeling soft and hydrated.  Great for those with normal to dry skin.

Heliocare 360 gel oil-free – £31

An ultra-light, mattifying gel that melts quickly into the skin leaving it hydrated but dry to the touch.  It’s great for all skin types, but especially those with oily or combination skin.

Heliocare mineral – £31

A natural, breathable, mineral formulation that leave skin feeling luxuriously silky, with a satin glow that also makes it perfect for use under make up.  Great for all skin types.

Heliocare advanced cream – £31

This silky cream provides fantastic high-level, broad spectrum UVA /UVB protection and contains moisturisers as well as the clinically proven natural anti-oxidant Fernblock.

Heliocare sun touch – £28

This creamy tinted moisturiser leaves the skin with a shimmery sun-touched look all year round, as well as providing all of the protection and damage prevention that you’d expect from a Heliocare product.

Heliocare color gelcream light – £28

This creamy moisturising gelcream provides a natural looking, even foundation combined with additional anti-oxidant activity with green tea extract and Vitamin E.  Available in both light and brown shades it blends beautifully into your skin’s natural tone.

Heliocare color gelcream brown – £28

This creamy moisturising gelcream provides a natural looking, even foundation combined with additional anti-oxidant activity with green tea extract and Vitamin E.  Available in both light and brown shades it blends beautifully into your skin’s natural tone.

Heliocare advanced spray – £28.66

This easy to apply spray lotion is perfect for use on the body.  It also contains green tea extract, giving it an anti-oxidant boost.

ENDOCARE CELLPRO – The very latest skin biotechnology for smoother, brighter, tighter skin.

Cell Pro Gel Cream

Endocare CELLPRO Gelcream – £54.99

A light, creamy gel that leaves skin feeling hydrated but dry to the touch – perfect for use in the morning.  It combines high levels of CAF BioAction Technology with Retinsphere Technology, not to mention ingredients that enhance skin architecture, moisturisers, and Vitamins C and E.

Cell Pro Cream

Endocare CELLPRO Cream- £54.99

A rich, non-oily cream with an advanced moisturising system that leaves skin feeling intensely hydrated, so it’s ideal to use as a night cream.  CELLPRO Cream also contains optimum levels of CAF BioAction Technology, Retinsphere Technology as well as Vitamins C, E and skin architecture enhancing ingredients.

Cell Pro Eye Contour

Endocare CELLPRO Intensive Eye Contour – £54.99

A light, hydrating cream specifically designed to target signs of ageing around the eye with key Endocare CELLPRO technologies, plus caffeine and haloxyl to increase circulation and reduce puffiness.

NEORETIN – Advanced and clinically proven pigmentation control and skin brightening for lighter, brighter and clearer skin.

NeoRetin Gelcream – £39.99

NeoRetin Gelcream is a light cream that contains broad spectrum UVA /UVB protection, so it’s perfect to use during the day.  It also contains the unique combination of key ingredients from the Whitening Booster System and RetinSphere Technology, while sophisticated moisturising ingredients leave your skin feeling beautifully soft and smooth.

NeoRetin Serum- £39.99

The NeoREtin Serum works perfectly alongside the Gelcream, with even higher levels of the Whitening Booster System as well as an additional exfoliant, salicylic acid, on top of RetinSphere Technology.  It’s the powerhouse in the range packed with hydrating ingredients and a botanical extract to soothe the skin. Due to the increased level of ingredients high level UVA / UVB protection must be worn during the day when you use this serum.

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