Pigmentation Programme

£1,203.00 £863.00

Skin health assessments, skin peels & skin care products

If pigmentation is something that bothers you, our ‘Pigmentation Programme’ is the perfect option. Pigmentation can appear as a result of sun damage, pregnancy hormones or just a genetic pre-disposition but in most cases, it is regarded as a nuisance and is hard to cover, even with good makeup.

This package uses a combination of medical grade skin peels and skin care to stop the over-production of melanin and break down the pigmentation to leave you with a beautiful, even skin tone.


This package includes:

• 3 skin health assessments – £150 (3 spread out over the year to track progress and improvements)
• 6 skin peels – £570 (every 2 months)
(3 peels, 2 months gap, 3 peels, 2 months gap, 3 maintenance peels)
• 3 maintenance skin peels £285
• Skin care – £198
• Aestheticare cleanser – £20
• Neoretin Gel Cream – £39.99
• Neoretin Serum – £39.99
• Flavo C – £27.50
• Thiospot roller – £19.95
• 2 boxes of Neoretin peels £49.98

Total package value – £1203

OUR GIFT TO YOU: 3 skin health assessments and 2 maintenance skin peels for FREE saving you £340

New package value is now £863

You pay a deposit of £300

Then 12 x monthly payments of £47

Our packages make thoughtful and generous gifts, plus, grouping treatments together will make your regular appointments with us more cost effective and will save you time when you book.

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