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Aknicare® Lotion

This is a prescriptive range and in order to ensure you are choosing the most appropriate product for your skin type, we like to oversee the purchasing of these ranges. We are happy to send you these products once we have had a quick chat to check that they’re the right products for you! Please pop us a message and we’ll be in touch to assist.
Aknicare® Lotion dramatically reduces oil production, skin thickening and controls bacteria and inflammation. This lotion is designed to calm inflammation quickly, kill acne causing bacteria many times faster than antibiotics, reduce oil by over 50% (results of clinical studies), resulting in clear, blemish free, fresh bright skin.

The Aknicare® Lotion is medically licensed and medically proved to successfully get rid of medical and cosmetic acne. It has been clinically tested on hospital referred patients who did not respond to GP prescribed and chemist products.

It is recommended by top dermatologist and President of the UK Acne Charity, Professor Tony Chu from Imperial College Hospitals London, who is world expert in the treatment of all aspects of acne.

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